Take control of your affiliate marketing with our feature-rich solutions.

All the features you need to grow your business and to make your affiliate marketing and tracking more effective.

Product Features

Metricks develops value-adding features that makes affiliate marketing and tracking fast, efficient and accurate. Sign up now to experience Metricks for free.

Getting Started

Access a range of options to walk you through the product from your first sign up to creating, optimizing and managing your first campaign.

Learning Centre

Access our invaluable learning centre to take you from a Metricks novice to a PRO in no time.

Go Social

Grow your campaign's social reach by providing your affiliates with content they can share directly from their dashboards.

Email Channel

Send out notifications and communicate with affiliates directly with our In-app messaging feature.

Explore our offerings designed to give you the best tracking experience.

Set up and manage affiliate Programs

All the tools you need to optimize your programs and manage your affiliates from one dashboard.

Generate unique affiliate tracking links

Track the activities of all your affiliates through their generated unique links.

Customized Affiliate Onboarding

Customize and onboard your affiliates through sign up pages that suit your brand's identity

Upload Creative Assets

Upload assets like videos and images for affiliates to use in their marketing campaigns and share directly to their social media pages.

Performance insights

View an reward your best performing affililiates. Create commission groups and set up MLM referrals.


Diversity is not a challenge.

Multilingual pack support

Language is not a barrier. Reach partners across the globe in over 5 professionally translated languages.

Fraud detection & prevention

Identify, flag and block fraud attempts with our smart anti-fraud feature.

Automate affiliate payment

Your set payout dates, automate and pay your affiliates using in-built options like Stripe, paypal, etc.

Map Overlay

View aggregrated statistical data by geographic region and see where your best performing campaigns and affiliates are.


One-of-a-kind services geared at supporting your business's growth

Grow your affiliate network

All the tools you need to scale your affiliate network is within reach in the Metricks software.

Smooth migration

Switching from the old to the new? Our team has got you covered with our seamless migration system.

Post-purchase widget

Grow your marketing network by converting paying customers into affiliates with a white-labelled post-purchase widget.

Sub-affiliate tracking

Seamlessly track referred affiliate leads and commissions.

Customizable templates

Access dozens of customizable email templates for advertiser-affiliate communication.

Override commission

Give your affiliates the ability to earn a predetermined commission when their referral makes a sale.


Take your affiliate marketing to the next level.



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